The Holy Hour, At Night, High, Us Or Them, Step Into The Light, Pictures Of You, Switch, A Boy I Never Knew, The Last Day Of Summer, Shake Dog Shake, It Can Never Be The Same, Three Imaginary Boys, Like Cockatoos y A Night Like This.

Set 1 (From There to Here):

Three Imaginary Boys, At Night, Other Voices, A Strange Day, Bananafishbones, A Night Like This, Like Cockatoos, Pictures Of You, High, Jupiter Crash, 39, Us or Them, It’s Over, It Can Never Be The Same.


Set 2 (From Here to There):

Step Into The Light, The Hungry Ghost, Alt.End, The Last Day of Summer, Want, From The Edge of The Deep Green Sea, Disintegration, If Only Tonight We Could Sleep, Sinking, Shake Dog Shake, One Hundred Years, Primary, A Forest, Boys Don’t Cry.